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Subscriber Update #6: From Then to Now

As we move into 2019, we are shifting the conversation from Fiber Rings to Fiber Zones. We have finished construction on our Fiber Rings and have moved to the creation of Fiber Zones. These Zones will be how we introduce the ability to sign up for our services to different sections of our service territory.

Your patience has paid off – we will finally begin connecting subscribers in 2019!

Last Year: The Year of Fiber Rings

2018 was a year of Fiber Ring construction. As you are all familiar, we built Fiber Huts at each electric substation, connected each Fiber Hut with our Fiber Rings and have finished construction of these main lines in order to branch out to offer services to all of OEC’s service territory. All of this began in April of 2018 and wrapped up in December 2018 – just eight short months.

This Year: The Year of Fiber Zones

Forget about our Fiber Rings. 2019 will be a year of Fiber Zones. We are working hard to begin offering services to certain parts of our territory, which will be divided into smaller Fiber Zones, this year. This will be an ongoing process full of variables, which we are fine-tuning each and every day.

Our Fiber Zones are live on our website now and allow us to communicate our progress for your specific location as we get to it. All you’ll need to do is visit www.OECFiber.com, click on ‘Check Availability’ and enter your address. Keep in mind, we already have you in our system if you have signed up for subscriber updates, so there is no need to sign up again. We will use the information you previously provided to place you in your corresponding zone. 

Make sure to share the news with your friends, family and neighbors who haven’t signed up for updates yet to go check their addresses at www.OECFiber.com today to learn more! We will continue to communicate major updates, both in general and for your specific zone, as we have them and cannot wait to begin connecting subscribers to our system very soon!

Thank you for bearing with us as we continue to nail down details of this project. As always, our update subscribers will be amongst the first to know when we hit major milestones. Finally, thank you again for your support of OEC Fiber and taking high-speed fiber where no one else will!

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