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Subscriber Update #8: TV Plans and Pricing

After months of planning, working and perfecting, we are ready to unveil OEC Fiber’s latest venture into giving you all that our #OECFiberFast services have to offer: OEC Fiber TV.


Is it cable? Is it streaming? Yes.

OEC Fiber TV offers you that familiar traditional cable TV experience with the reliability of our OEC Fiber network. This means no more fading signals in bad weather and ZERO rain delay. Since we believe in offering products built specifically with our subscribers in mind, this also means tons of features included at no additional monthly charge. Each OEC Fiber TV package includes:

? Cloud-based DVR storage to save and watch your favorite shows on your schedule.

? HD channels without an HD upcharge.

? A state-of-the-art smart device set top box capable of providing a familiar feeling cable TV experience and being a one-stop device for all of your streaming apps. Complete with a remote control.

? Tons of other great features, all listed below.


Channel Lineups

Before we dive deeper into the features provided to each subscriber, let’s take a look at our channel packages. We have worked hard to create customizable packages to ensure our subscribers get the best deal possible. You can find all of our available channels below.

Channel List


Now that we’ve covered our customizable channel lineups, let’s get back to our great features. Don’t worry, we’ll get to pricing next!

Included Features for all of our TV Packages

As we’ve mentioned, we always keep our subscribers in mind when creating our packages. This means including all of your favorite features at no additional monthly charge. Unlike our competition, we won’t play pricing games with you by surprising you with DVR or HD charges on your monthly bill. Each OEC Fiber TV package includes:

? 100 hours of cloud-based DVR storage

• If you need more, you can always upgrade for $5/month/50 additional hours of storage

• Upgrade to a maximum of 100 extra hours of DVR storage

? HD channels

? One set top box and remote control

• If you want more than one set top box and remote control, you can order more for $3/month/set top box

• Extra remote controls are available for a $20 one-time charge per remote control

• Stay tuned, we’ll be announcing more about our state-of-the-art set top box later this week

? 3 simultaneous streams

• Add one extra stream for only $2/month!

• Keep in mind, you don’t necessarily need one stream per TV or device – you only need one for each person who would be watching OEC Fiber TV on your account at the same time

? Video on Demand

? Replay TV

• Rewind live TV up to 72 hours to view shows and movies you may have missed live

? Play from Beginning

• Start live TV shows from the beginning if you tune in late

? watchTVeverywhere™

• Watch your favorite TV shows on the go anywhere you have an internet connection with watchTVeverywhere™

? Personalization

• Up to 5 users can have their own personalized and intuitive channel listing

Finally, It’s Time for Pricing

Now for the part that all of you came here for, pricing! We have worked hard to negotiate with content providers in order to offer competitive rates. As you’ve seen, we have also worked hard to ensure you get access to all of your favorite features and top-notch equipment without any hidden fees. You also get the reliability of OEC Fiber’s 100% fiber network and truly local customer service.

What’s Next?

Now that you’ve seen our packages, learned about all of our great features and laid your eyes on our pricing, you may be wondering what’s next. We’ll be announcing more about OEC Fiber TV this week with more information about our set top box and other ways to enjoy OEC Fiber TV. Stay tuned to our updates and follow us on social media (FacebookTwitter and Instagram) to be the first to receive the next update.

We still have some work to do before we’re ready to go live with OEC Fiber TV, so stay tuned as we continue to take high-speed fiber, soon to include TV, where no one else will!

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